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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Year older.. But never wiser ;) [Right Back At You]

The minute I opened this entry to drop a few lines, I realized I won't be able to speak much.
She said it all I guess.

It's not that often u find someone who can describe him/herself that accurately.. to the extent that scares u.

God!! If she's able to see herself that clearly, how far can she go deep inside of me then?!!
The first two lines in her blog that attract my eyes each time I open it, are...

MoonLightShadow - A baby figuring her way out
Days go by.. and some of us pass unnoticed.. yet thoughts never die..
These are very rich of small & inner conflicts phrases.
It really says it all.

How often ve u been hit by a moonlight shadow?!!
We've been exposed to day & moon light for the entire of our lives. Yet very, very few of us got the chance to experience the most rare & unforgettable feeling of being hit by a moonlight shadow. It's not an imaginary thing that exists only in fairy tales. It DOES exist, only very few were able to recognize it among all of that noise around.
They say ur nickname reflects wat u really are & I totally believe in that. I choosed mine to be Shex.. and I believe it says whom am I pretty clear. Almost none could ve guessed it right. I got some strange, bizarre, even rude explanations of that nickname. It's a riddle. However, not for so long once u dare to ask me for the meaning. I believe that's me, u won't be able to find who I really am till u ask for my own help.
So what about MoonLightShadow?!! She's a very rare person to find, just as the name implies. I believe that's why she's having little troubles dealing with ppl around her. Simply, they don't get to understand the uniqueness in her. They just don't know how to see the moonlight, that's all.

Now back to the rest of the first phrase, A baby figuring her way out. Again it says it all very clearly & expressively. She's just like a cute little baby, helpless in most of the times yes, yet very determined to be in control.
A control freak, if I ve to say..:D
She keeps fighting with everything/rule around just to achieve that level of sole control. I like to describe her as I'm-The-God-Of-My-Own-World type, and although she's positively sure that could not be achieved, she keeps struggling. She likes to be challenged. Yes, that would provoke her much; even get her on the verge of a nervous breakdown. However, that's where the joy & thrill lies. It's some kind of a feeling u won't be able to understand unless u had to chance the stand on the verge of a roaring volcano.

The other phrase completes that meaning I guess.
Days go by.. and some of us pass unnoticed.. yet thoughts never die..
I share that fear with her myself, the fear or passing unnoticed. Yet, she choosed a different, rather remarkable, way to conquer it; through challenging.
I forecast she's going to be a very successful businesswoman in the future. She's a natural leader, even if she doesn't blv that in herself yet, it's in there deep inside... that amazing ability to lead just waiting for the right moment to emerge. Once it hits the road, I blv nothing would stop her.

Moon is that kind of an intellectual u can keep arguing with for hours & never get bored. She can really trigger ur mind with her questions into new dimensions that u ve never thought of entering and although u might end up answering none of them, u'd still feel the excitement of the debate itself. Along with the way she argue, I like most the way she writes. She takes notice of small & tiny details, another thing we got in common, even in the blue-Verdana font she uses all the time. She's also one of the very few ppl I've met through my life very keen on helping others. I know she'd be surprised when reading this as I used to tease her saying she's helpless all the time.
But u know wat?!! She's sometimes helpless though especially when it comes to addresses or telephone calls..:PPPP

Gosh!! That must ve been the longest entry on my blog ever. Ironically once I started it I thought I won't be able to find more than two lines to write. Doesn't that tell u how rich she is inside, only if u cared enough to look thoroughly?!!
More ironically though, I ven't written yet wat I first came to say..:D

Have a very happy birthday my dear

Thank YOU for giving me that rare & most appreciated opportunity of experiencing such a special friend as u r.

I deeply hope u'd achieve the eternity u r searching for.

U truly deserve it.

8 comment(s):

Shex, thank you for caring enough to look thoroughly in the inside.. the moment I read your post, I was very happy in a way that I got stuck with words.. can't find suitable words to express how I feel.. having a friend like you is the best gift I’ve ever got.

Caring to let me know my inside is the best thing that a person would do to me. Moreover, you do that honestly.. with an intent of helping me go on through my life. I really wish that what you forecast for me turns out to be right.. coz it’s what I need. I’m really amazed that you knew that :D

And yes, I was very surprised that you say that I’m helpful.. I thought you are the only one who would never say that.. at least it never happened with you.. especially when it comes to addresses ;)

I’d like to thank you for being such a caring, and honest friend.

Thank you for making my day :)

By Blogger MoonLightShadow, at 6/23/2005 09:58:00 AM  

she is the best person i had ever met.... i'll always repeat that over n over

شكس.. حرام عليك كسفتنى يا راجل...
ربنا يسمحك

By Blogger Lasto-adri *Blue*, at 6/24/2005 02:12:00 AM  

Moon.. thank YOU

Blue.. I second u on that, she's definitely the best.
& good luck next time ba2a.. :PPP

By Blogger Shex, at 6/24/2005 07:26:00 AM  


By Blogger MoonLightShadow, at 6/24/2005 01:15:00 PM  

terararar terarararaaaaaaaaaaa
" that was the voice of a violin --kamanga y3ni :D "

By Blogger AZ, at 6/24/2005 11:24:00 PM  

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